At DAMAC, we value our people and their success. Our engagement with you is a journey of performance excellence during your time with us. Welcoming you onboard at the very onset with an informative and exciting on-boarding process, we partner with you to ensure your continued success. We empower you through continuous learning and development engagements to effectively deliver results at DAMAC. Engaging with company leadership and your manager, we identify potential for future growth and work closely with you to grow with us. At DAMAC, we value long term successful relationships that help our people enjoy a fruitful and exciting work experience with us. We are excited to have you learn and grow with us!

Training Sessions

All our workshops are designed based on research on how people essentially function.

Training department facilitating the ‘Hour of Power’ session for the Promotional Venues team – a reflective one hour session which acts as a catalyst for them to look inwards, self evaluate & develop a game plan to achieve their goals & accomplish the objectives which they are set out for